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  • You can booking via email, sms, or by phone to +62 24 8453949, 8412139, fax: +62 24 8443756 and mobile: 085866222031 (indosat); 081225322216 (telkomsel).
  • Send your details via email / SMS / Telp: total rooms, type of rooms, and length of stay.
  • For booking less than 7 days, minimum deposit 50%.
  • For booking less than 1 day, you have to make a full payment.
  • We will cancel non confirmation booking with no guarantee on booked day.
  • We are not accept payment before your booking confirmed.
  • We accept bank wired payment via BCA and MANDIRI bank with details:
    • Bank BCA : 252-081-2221 c/o: Tan Hok Thay.
    • Bank Mandiri : 136-0010-699-558, c/o : Jeanyfer Danu Djaja.
  • If you make a payment, please confirm by send scaned proof of payment by email or fax.
  • Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.








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